Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Ruins Of Truth

I was standing on the platform with commotion in my mind. Trying to figure out the things i did and figuring what type of human i am right now. I just broke a man’s jaw with a bamboo stick; his blood is still on my shirt. She gave me this shirt on my birthday. I just love this shirt because, she was so happy to surprise me. She couldn’t stop laughing that day and i was like struck by lightning. That man was laughing when i lost my temper. She always kept me calm and used to hug me when i used to lose my tempo. I never lost my tempo on her. She was like an angel. She was everything that i am not. When the man fell on ground he said not to go deep, otherwise i will join her soon. But he didn’t stop laughing. A man grabbed my hand and pulled me back, then i heard the siren...... it was deafening. “are u crazy? You could  have died. Stupid fellow.” Who wants to live? She used to say it’s mandatory for us to search reasons to live happily. Do i have any? why all these happened? i may have hurt some people with my words but why she? She was as pure as sun. I wanted to scream my  voice out but i was too numb and it was like i was mentally paralyzed. When i heard the news i was buying flowers for her. All she did was stood against molestation of a girl in her college and gave her statement against the people. The police acted to register it but eventually informed the father who was a local goon. To protect his son and to retain the pride of his fear Lokesh Yadav sent his men to push Jasmine from the train. Her face was hard to identify. She was wearing my fav dress. That purple shirt with pink flowers on them vented my mind to a peaceful dimension where her face showed me my true life. Her gestures brought me to my utopia. Her father is in a state of shock and he is in coma. He loved jasmine like anything. Why i am breathing now? Why i am living in a world where she is not here? i too love her a lot. Why i am not in shock? Suddenly another super fast train brought me to reality. The wind was missing. Few people were staring me might be thinking me as some kind of lunatic. Inside my head beside all the thinking, her name was echoing around. That was driving me crazy. But all i was think to kill Yadav’s son then taht bastard will understand what it is to lose the pearl of life.
Somehow Yadav knows i am after his son and i have severly injured four of his men already. So they were coming for me. so was i. Suddenly i felt some hot fluid type thing in my head. Then everything was revolving in an increasing rate. A heavy blow on my left leg made me lose my balance and i fell with a thud. Then i felt a tremendous force on my lower abdomen. Then when i retained my seneses i was in a train. My head was aching like hell. I was unable to regain my full consciousness. The moment i tried to move my leg i felt as if three elephants were standing on them. Then i heard a fainted voice. Hardly i was able understand it. Somehow i managed to gain my strength to speak. Then again i passed out. “Son you all right?” i wanted to say no but i had lost all my strength probably. I felt a gentle touch on my chest. I thought of jasmine and i smiled and out of excitation i opend my eye. I found myself in a small cottage and an elderly women sitting next to me. According to her i was out for two days. She  found me in the bathroom of puri passenger train. And now i was in puri. She was very gentle to me. her name was Lata. She used to sell peanuts in trains. Her son died of cancer. She brought me to her home because i resembled her son somehow. I thanked her. “son thank the black man in the temple. He protects everyone. He loves everyone.” Definitely he hates me. With my swollen head i went to board a bus to cuttack. Its revenge time. I got off from the bus, headed directly to Sankarpur. It was like directly walking into the lion’s den but its now or never. I called suvam on my way. “ where can i find jaga?” “Rakesh! Listen its suicide. Come to my place we will find Yadav’s son.” “i asked a simple question. Where can i find jaga?” i demanded. “i don’t know. Trust me. where are u?” “Shankarpur.”
 I was walking down the narrow lane of Shankarpur. In cuttack they you want trouble go to shankarpur and start a conversation, thats enough. I saw jaga drinking tea at a stall. He saw me and took his mobile and ran. Suddenly i forgot that i had a bruised leg. A sudden rush clutched me and i ran after me. I was kind a healthy and my running was not so good but when it comes to ultimate paying off time, we all acquire the power to do the impossible. Within few seconds i was near him. He was shouting to help him. Suddenly a stone came flying from my right side and somehow i dodged it but then a fellow pushed me off the road. I dashed into a wall and again i  hurt  my left leg. Somehow my endurance capacity had increased. I got my balance back and stared to run again. This time i jumped on Jaga. We just fell on the ground hard. He pushed his elbow into my chest. I just punched him on back of his head and that gave me some time. In the mean time a heard a bike sound and my name echoing. It was suvam on his unicorn. Everything was happening so fast and unexpexted that local people were in shock. They didn’t know how to react. “Grab him. We will drag him. Climb on the bike fast.” I grabbed jaga’s color and got on the bike. After dragging him for couple of blocks suvam stopped his bike. Got off and puched Jaga hard on the face. “ i want him alive.” I turned towards him, he was bleeding. “ why you pushed her? What you got?” i landed my knee on his chest and slapped him. “yadav sir orderd us. I am just his puppet. He will kill you as well.” Suvam kicked his groin. “ listen ! i know someone who know where Yadav’s son is” “ lets leave this dog here and take me to him.” I knew Jaga will directly go to Yadav and Yadav will send his hellhounds after me. before that i have to find his son and kill him. On the way Suvam said “ There is a guy who lives in pokhariput basti. He works in Malgodown, for Yadav. He heard some guys talking about Yadav’s son. I found him in Lion’s bar. I was there with my friends. I heard him talking about you and Yadav’s son. Dude you are famous.” “Lets get him sing.”
Throughout the way i felt wind touching my face. I closed my eyes and saw Jasmine. She was smiling. She came close and touched my face. Those moments were like sleeping on roses, smelling the orchids, listening to the birds in forest. I wished everything to be real but that was impossible. Again the anger raised inside me. i opened my eyes. It was getting dark. “this is it. He lives here.” Suvam screamed, “Tuna!” A very lean and tall man came out of a cottage. He must be in his mid 50s. “ sir i already said you, i don’t know anything.”  I pushed him hard and grabbed his throat. “ listen i don’t have time for this crap. I want to know where Yadav’s son is.” “ Trust me sir i don’t know” suvam punched him on his ribs. He ached for seconds. “he is in a warehouse near naraj.” Suvam said “ i know exactly where.” Suvam ran his bike.
The sun was setting down. The sky was crimson red. The arati was going on in some temple. As if it was declaration of something. I closed my eyes. She hugged me and whishperd “ i love you. Please don’t this.” “ but i have to. I cant live like this. I don’t know what to do after the vengeance. I don’t have you. I don’t have my parents. Please tell me how to die.” She kissed me and everything just faded away. We just crossed sector -9 .
Something pointy went through right arm. I was bleeding and suvam was yelling. He increased speed. All of a sudden there are shower of bullets. It was hurting my ear drums. I pressed my wound hard to save blood. “ Rakesh ! lets do this.” Suvam crashed his bike into a empty house. I fell hard. Suvam was lying on the ground he cried my name and passed out. my hand was hurting lyk anything. The cars which were chasing us came to a hault near te house. It was Yadav and his men. He came and started crying out loud. Eventually when suvam crashed the bike into the house, after breaking the wall the bike hit Yadav’s son. And he is dead. And it all seemed as accident. My revenge was complete. And hearing bullet sound police came immediately. Suvam and i was taken to the hospital. I probably passed out due to blood loss. Finally the justice is served. But i don’t know what to do now. “ How is suvam ? he is alright na?”
I just nodded. Rakesh just described how his life turned into a hell. Standing for truth costs a lot. Few pay them others don’t care about it. I got my story for my newspaper. people will read it, will show sympathy and the they will forget. But i learned somthing. Love has the capability to make life heaven and on the other hand it can destroy too. It can travel beyond dimensions to proclaim what is right and what is wrong.