Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Running down the hill
Clutching a lot of overdue bills
Watery eyes and shaking limbs
Anxiety of uncertain future
Jack ran frantically
"please lend some chippers 
my mom is without slippers
will take her to the quack
she got bitten by the wolf that barks"
Pleaded the handsome boy
"O dear ! Good lord will help her
but will lend no money as you owe me more"
Cruel Mr. Collins took a sip from silver cup
Thinking about his pain stricken mother 
Remembered the lightning, tearing out the sky
Bishop indicated the omen will not be far
Father kicked Jack and went to marry in bar
"Make me your slave O' benevolent
Save my mother or i will die O' magnificent"
Falling to his feet he kept his heart out
Mr. Collins was going to accept the scout
Again the cloud burst with Jack's eyes
"All your freedom will suffice today
or you will suffice in few days"
Leaning on his hands with the stick
Remembering his mother who was sick
Accepted the bait as no stone left to turn
Jack burned with his fate , in front of the sun
Mr. Collins bounced a bag full coins with lot of fun

He ran, He ran, to save his life
Slipped and dashed into a tree
Broke his head, still jack ran
As tears fell from his eyes till fathom, the earth trembled
Large blocks fell and Jack still ran
With medicine from the quack he reached home
Alas to his surprise she was no more
Fell on his knees and went numb
As if someone cut his throat and tongue
His soul bore thousand lashes
Broke into pieces in a single flash
Father came and blamed Jack
"O lord please take me far away
where my mom  will beside me"
Cried his lungs out and ran
Threw the bag of coins and his soul
Ran to become the ghost of frost
To kill the wolf that barks
To surpass Mr. Collins
To take revenge

To intervene every single soul he blamed
Surprisingly the list had few names to be framed
Took a stone and picked his overthrown fate
Sharped the stone along with his fate
Jack saw the wolf that barks
Eyes got fixed and heart stopped 
Then a flash and loud hiss silenced the forest
Wolf's eye spilled blood
As if an avalanche turned to flood
the beast cried out, then went in to eternal silence
Jack ran and steps echoed in the silence
The dark side was ruling everything
His heart, his souk and predetermined mind

Sunk into the sea of revenge and anger
Entered the damn village
That didn't offered even a spoilage
Went for the Magnificent bastard
Who was bitter than the beast
Spotted him strolling in the lawn
It was swift and fast
The stone pierced into the heart
Jack roared like an wounded tiger
Scratched out him like an evil scavenger

Nothing quenched his thirst and rage
Jack ran to the bar to bid farewell
The father who scratched his soul
Then left the soul to rot in purgatory
This last farewell was mandatory.
" Burn yourself you evil beast
Burn your soul, help other fellows
Still penance will be as far as I am to my mother.
Death is the easy verdict but what you will live henceforth
will balance nothing in suffocating soul
Repent till you die 
Die as a burden 
In the last part I will bid you farewell again
will give you slow and painful death."
Father was struck
The words discerpet his soul 
Still a lot was about to come ,
Jack was not seen in the valley anymore
People joyed the death of Magnificent Bastard
Still no soul craved for Jack
To every surprise this is what we human lack
The rage left the day his father died
In a slow and painful death..................

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