Thursday, 15 October 2015

Am I Strong..?

Often we land to a point where we question our stature in accordance to the ongoing situations and opportunities that lie in our favour. Despite of our belief in the soul we preserve, we doubt the validity of our perspective. Rather rationalising the situation and pondering the roots for the lack of opportunities in our favour we prefer to lament on the present. The picture of our present dissatisfactions is enhanced by the collective demarcation of fellow achievements. In the search of hollow motives and their respective paths, we wander in the mirage. We name them our happiness but that aim to have it is always mislead into sorrow. Often in the long run of our life, we get so involved that we run towards stability in a chaotic manner.
 Thus at the end where we stand? The moment we fail the reaction changes, our perspective is shattered by the hammer of failure. Then we self police ourselves and conclude the exact opposite of our belief. We mourn till we overcome. Then we fear. We fear to take risk. And lastly with utter strength we decide, we are not that strong.
At that point if we can just think of the moment when we first thought about the mistake, that we did, as our aim and the kind of power we gathered to go for it, then we will surely understand what we lack. There is no such question like am I strong? The question is who am I? And What I belong to do?
Let’s take an example, Jesus Christ was crucified. Do you think he ever lamented over his situation? No, because he knew what he really wanted and the things that are happening with him is the path he chose to follow and he succeeded

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