Thursday, 27 October 2016

My darkness

There is isolation of utter disgust
Cramping all the way into the mainstream
The stream of protruding fluids
Scaling through the veins to burst out
To speak on behalf of the tormorised soul
To reason for the justice i hav been craving
Long enuf to break down
Long enuf to die
But for vain....?
Or for long lost love and solace
The unseen mirage echoed
But fadded in moments
To the Vassal of emptiness
Lurked for nothing in me
Or for everything so wrong in me
The road turned with every step
Every step to toil for tolerance
But its already the brink
Brink of submission to the veil of pain
Dancing in front of me
Still no courage to see through the veil
To see my destiny
‌To see myself

My path

The dark doors banged themselves
The devil so alluring and abiding
The path it laid
The option it offered
Called my soul aloud
Startled I stood at the embankment
Judging the possibilities to reach far
Lost in the self to materialise
The chance to be over powered
Struck me right down
The forest of hope was far behind
To run that far
To crawl down to reach the summit
Summit of truth and righteousness
What was that
What will define my path
Made me make a right step
The devil clutched me with love
The struggle made me free
And I ran for the summit
Will reach and will make all the difference
Not someday
But at this moment
To define my path
To define me.

Our society

With bricks and concrete its stands strong
With law and belief it cant go wrong
Still it went south from the pinnacle
Crippled to the core
With corruption and fallacies
It went deep into us through efficacy
Humans got numbered in the name of sophistication
Souls got deprived in the name of institution
The robust society we stand for
The fallacy we crave for
The mind we lost for
All for a shallow pit
A pit of degenerates
A pit of broken dreams
A pit of burnt wishes
With bricks and concrete it stands strong
On the verge to collapse
Over the congregation
Of a hollow and deteriorated society