Thursday, 30 October 2014

Face Off

The stones & thorns pricking now & then
Mirage fluctuating every day every second
Soul thriving verse echoing with exact enunciation
Insanity & rouges hovering in the  air
Asking again & again 
Why it seems so fair 
The roads I opted with heart
The decisions taken so far
Compulsion or will, cant be specified
Standing high with souls full of scars
Ego or immaturity, cant be justified
The limitless effort to be just true self
The irreasonable want to have help
Innocence or diplomacy, cant be judged 
Even mind is amazed by the deeds
Others are so satisfied, so unlike me
Realization or regret, cant be mentioned
flow of time is constant
So far everything is just for the instant
Living in the mirage will ever pay off?
Just one thing left to scare off
Please someone take my face off........

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Fate......

The canopy of the forest
The rustling of the leaves
The creeping of birds
The reflection of sun on the river
Everything just, the gift of  earth
The vibe between sky & land 
the melody in the breeze
The fragrance of fresh ripped grass
Immortality of these beauty is challenged
Belittling the soul of nature
Ignoring the essence of life
Fate is turned toward unknown darkness
The darkness, so luring & intimidating
In the loop of incidents
In the series of ill decisions
Humanity got slaughter
Into pieces & bits
At the stake, all those beauty,
At The time of judgement
With a hope to die peacefully
Enlightenment will hover
Just as a regret 7 missed chance
Still few souls will left to live all these
Those knew all & stood, Just stood.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


The jasmins bloom like a white cover
        Its fragnance enhances the moon light 
     Few crickets chatter about this beauty 
    And I visualise all these with you over & over

     With you everything is so pure
     Inside and inside I get lured
    Your fragnance enriches my soul 
  You are jasmine of my life 
  Your serenity & benevolence keeps me Whole
    fixed to my life, to your life. 

   My eyes search for you,
   in search of peace & solace
   I found you  on the boulavard of my life,
   i see you at the end,
  So dignified, So magnificent.

    Life got its meaning
 But this heart is hammering
   Standing for you with everything it has
 Without you i am just an empty vase
    With all your faults I am in love with you
   Irrespective of everything i am in love with you  I searched you in so many faces
  Been through a lot Just take me in your embrace 
  Because you do what u want ,
  Change as much you can,
  I will always love you......................

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

In a far far land

The horizon longing till infinite
Till fathom indefinite
So engraving to the soul
so refreshing, its utopia

The bliss of blue
The melody of strangling velvety blue
Love in the sky of white
Peace in the air of fragrance

The glance of this at once
Life untangled ounce by ounce
The silence so soothing
The soul enriched bit by bit 

The beauty is eye dazzling
so breath taking every glance
This coalition is glimpse of heaven 
To endure the lost self
Self long gone

This far land, land of beauty
land of endeavor
for every unsettled thing 
for every lost being 
To do the forbidden
to dream all unseen

The change has started 
That was long pending 
Its hard to believe
Its never too late to realize


Hi its Amrit Mohanty a mediocre engg. and an enthusiastic writer. In your free time read me if you love reading.... and feel free to comment.......