Thursday, 27 October 2016

My darkness

There is isolation of utter disgust
Cramping all the way into the mainstream
The stream of protruding fluids
Scaling through the veins to burst out
To speak on behalf of the tormorised soul
To reason for the justice i hav been craving
Long enuf to break down
Long enuf to die
But for vain....?
Or for long lost love and solace
The unseen mirage echoed
But fadded in moments
To the Vassal of emptiness
Lurked for nothing in me
Or for everything so wrong in me
The road turned with every step
Every step to toil for tolerance
But its already the brink
Brink of submission to the veil of pain
Dancing in front of me
Still no courage to see through the veil
To see my destiny
‌To see myself

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